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Amber S. Shuler

Amber is the Office Manager at Barringer Sasser, LLP.  She has decades of successful management experience and has worked in management, finance/accounting, and Human Resources for Fortune 500 companies and small to mid-sized businesses.  After a long, career in the business and media sectors, joins us in the legal realm, where she enjoys the close-knit dynamic at the firm.  She believes teamwork is the secret to our success at Barringer Sasser.  Amber’s pleasurable pastimes include putting on her apron and unwinding in the kitchen.  In her free time, when she’s not hobnobbing with her partner Chris, or their miniature schnauzer Bella, Amber may be cheering on her beloved Duke Blue Devils, or her new squad, the Carolina Hurricanes.

Amber is a North Carolina native, and comes to the Triangle from the Greensboro/High Point Area.  Feel free to reach out to Amber for any reason, and she can almost always find a solution or a way to help!

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